We are proud to say that the renovation of grand pianos and upright pianos taking place in our company is characterized by enormous professionalism. Our main goal is to bring new life to the instruments – we restore the beautiful sound and appearance, often leaving as many original parts / elements of a given piano as possible.


It has been 31 years since we have been professionally refurbishing upright pianos and grand pianos. Our family business has won over customers both from Poland and from many other corners of the world. The love for grand pianos and pianos as well as the passion followed by the founders of the company – Wojciech and Grażyna Kozłowscy, influences everyone individually, motivating not only dedicated employees of the company, but also every new person who starts cooperation with us. We are fully aware of the fact that those interested in the renovation of their instruments have a great trust in us, which is why we approach each piano very individually when examining it. We encourage you to contact us by phone or e-mail. We offer a free and non-binding quote for the renovation of your instrument. You can be sure that you will not find such an affordable offer, while maintaining the highest quality of the renovation process and the materials used.


The cabinet is the first thing that is noticed when first looking at a given instrument. We often look at the flawlessly shiny surface of the piano finished with the highest quality polyester varnish or the original use of original veneer patterns. Depending on our taste, and these are not discussed, we admire the contemporary design or the historic, richly ornamented and unconventional sculptures of the instrument. Unfortunately, over time, the finish of the instrument can be slowly damaged, scratched or an unexpected accident. Then a decision has to be made whether we want to refresh the casing of our instrument, or even give it a completely new look. Because we are aware of how much our customers and music enthusiasts care about their instruments, we offer a wide range of renovation of the casing, or often its elements, i.e. legs, lyre, lid supports, rollers, etc. Customers who give their treasures to us can count on for an individual approach to each instrument, professional opinion and good advice in case of any doubts.

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Acoustics, that is the heart of our instrument. The depth and essence of the piano! A sound that pierces all the senses of music lovers listening to the melody. Isn’t that what all owners of these wonderful instruments want? To listen, play and still fall in love with colorfully sounding notes? We want to hear a loud resonating, sometimes mysterious and seductive, other times a soft sound. Unfortunately, the beauty of the sound passes with time and with the use of our instrument’s materials. However, thanks to our abilities, experience and passion, we can remedy everything! If you’ve noticed any acoustic „dropouts”, no melodic sound, or dull strings, don’t hesitate. We promise that we are able to help you and bring your instrument back to life. We offer a very wide range of professional renovation works and the highest quality materials. We will focus on your instrument holistically, being sure that we have taken care of every little detail affecting the sound of your instrument.


Mechanism and keyboard, other important elements of the instrument, the condition of which must be taken care of. A well and carefully renovated mechanism is the essence of our piano. During the renovation of the mechanism, meticulousness is highly valued in this profession, because here every millimeter or milligram is worth its weight in gold. In order to achieve the right „weight of the game” and great playing comfort, each of the individual materials is carefully selected, measured and balanced. As a company specializing in the renovation of pianos, we can easily cope with the most difficult cases, and it is worth mentioning that we have had mechanisms in a cruelly tragic condition.