Piano restoration


As expert piano restorers, we offer piano restoration for antique and modern style pianos. We can offer a piano restoration service to suit your budget and needs.

Piano Disc System


PianoDisc offers a truly memorable audio experience. PianoDisc player piano system is invisible and can be added to pianos of almost any size or style.

Piano Disc System


Piano Life Save System really saves piano’s life. The system cares for piano humidity condition. It is trully recommended to any environment, home, music schools, theatres etc.

Piano Disc System


We not only restore the instruments, but we also sell piano parts, tools and accessories for them.

Piano transport


We always provide our customers a personalised piano transport service that offers the best in transport type, price and safety. Your piano will be truly looked after!

We have the patience, passion and skill to transform your piano to new condition!


Piano renovation

Our highly specialised and educated team responsible for restoration of any model of grand-piano and upright from one year to another puts us on the highest level if it comes to the quality of grand-piano renovation done for the Clients all over the world.

Our goal is to reach perfection and to bring back the instruments to the condition which will be practically indistinguishable from a brand new instrument if it comes to look and the sound of it. The most important is that we do our best to leave as many as possible original parts.

We have been restoring instruments from 1986, and thanks to our determination and huge devotion, from 2006 we started to cooperate with foreign markets.

The effect of it is a membership in the Association of Piano Tuners in Poland and EURO-PIANO. Our clients’, pianists’ and musicians’ requirements continually increase, which also helps us to improve each day of our work, intorduce various changes in order to make Clients’ dreams come true.

Why choose us?

We are a family company who for 31 years of effective work and love to grand-piano wins clients all over Poland and Europe. The success of our company is a master piece of Mr Wojciech Kozłowski and his supportive wife Grażyna Kozłowska whose full professionalism  as well as a big heart to this work takes always first place.

You are welcome to contact us in order to receive free quotation of your instruments restoration. You can be sure that you will not get such attractive price maintaining the highest quality of renovation process and Piano parts!