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Piano Heyl Fab. No.; 24122 Year of production: 1928 In Heyl piano action was restored. In the piano the worn out parts of an action have been replaced, such as: felts, casmirs, tapes, leather on [...]


Grand Piano Bösendorfer Fab. No.: 21206 Year of production: 1916 The grand-piano of an illustrious Bosendorfer brand is after general restoration. Restoration included case, acoustics and action. Grand Piano is characterized by an inceredible sound and [...]


Grand Piano Grotrian Model: M170  / Fab. No.: 57432 / Year of production: 1928 The grandpiano was manufactured at the beginning of 1928 and it required general restoration. General renovation consists of 3 basic steps In which [...]


Grand Piano Malmsjo Fab. No.: 12180 Year of production: 1925 Presented on the picture grand piano is after general restoration. Additional challenge was to recreate a lost music rest. отзыв mfxbrokeriphone 5s


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Upright Piano Ibach Presented on the Picture upright piano Ibach is known from its good opinion among musicians. Upright Ibach underwent general restoration of case, action and acoustics. The piano is finished with black high [...]

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