Project Description

Grand Piano Grotrian

Model: M170  / Fab. No.: 57432 / Year of production: 1928
The grandpiano was manufactured at the beginning of 1928 and it required general restoration. General renovation consists of 3 basic steps In which restoration of the case, asoustics and action are included.
If it comes to grand piano’s case restoration our technicians had to remove old coating, fullfill old damages, replace damaged parts, polish castors, pedals, locks and hinges. The case has been finished in black poliester.
Acoustics focused on heating up the soundboard and then lacquering it, glueing ribs and Bridges, cleaning up of bridge pins, polishing steel parts, shimming and lacquering of the iron frame, replacement of felt parts, replacement of tuning pins and strings.
Grand piano’s action required clearing up of Woodem parts, clearing up the screws, replacement of felt parts, regulations of lever, replacement of leathers and tapes, replacement of hammers and regulation of the action. The keyboard required bleaching and polishing, replacement of keypillow’s felts, replacement of white key tops.